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Pipe Dreams

Although most of you are probably already familiar with Yahoo pipes by now, and there have already been several bioinformatics, etc pipes created, I thought I’d add one more to the array. I made this pipe back in August to search through several of the bioinformatics journals I could think of, as well as a couple other mainstream science journals and preprint servers.

Daily Cup O' Joe

The pipe works by grabbing feeds from each of the journals and then filtering based on the title and/or description. The pipe includes feeds from Oxford Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Bioinformatics, Journal of Computational Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, BMC Bioinformatics, Nature, and Science (along with preprint feeds from several of the journals). To use the pipe, you simply specify the search term(s) you want to filter by. Running the pipe will show you what the current results for the specified search terms are, as well as give you the option to subscribe to those search terms. This way, if you want to be sent any new articles relating to “prediction,” for example, you can add the search to your news reader.

Yahoo pipes example search results

Although the pipe works pretty well for the most part, I’ve noticed that there are still a couple kinks. For one thing, the pipe has trouble fetching articles from PLOS. When trying to grab the feed, it outputs “error fetching (302 Moved Temporarily)“. I’ve checked the feed, however, and it seems to be working fine. Another anomaly that I noticed is that sometimes the filters have trouble working together. The pipe is supposed to perform an “OR” search based on input to the title/description fields. In one instance I was getting more results when searching only the description field than when searching both the title and description field for the same search term. That was a couple of days ago, and I have not been able to reproduce the error since then.

All in all, the pipe is pretty nifty. You all are welcome to modify and use it as you please. Let me know if you have any suggestions :)


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